Americans with Disabilities Act

Angelo and Banta, P.A. has significant experience in representing property and business owners who find themselves defending claims relating to the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA“). We have represented owners of luxury hotels, retail operations and apartments in various ADA matters. Angelo and Banta attorneys, working with experienced and well qualified experts, have been able to obtain prompt, favorable resolutions on their client’s behalf while avoiding the high costs and fees frequently associated with such claims.

If ADA matters are allowed to be drawn out, they can result in vast costs and fees. Our goal is to manage the trajectory of our clients’ cases in a way that leads to the most beneficial, productive result while assuring the necessary compliance with related ADA regulations.

We are happy to review any ADA matters you may have, and will provide careful attention to your desire to maintain the best position possible.

For more information about Angelo and Banta‘s ADA litigation practice, please contact Thomas P. Angelo, Esq. at or James W. Carpenter, Esq. at Email inquiries shall be responded to.