Local lawyers donate time to help others

By Sharon Harvey Rosenberg

Lawyers have donated about 1.5 million hours to pro bono cases over the past year, according to data from the Florida Bar Association.

Local Florida Bar Association members are also active as volunteers. In Fort Lauderdale, Thomas Angelo — managing shareholder of Angelo & Banta — uses his expertise and contacts in real estate law to assist the Florida Museum of Science and Discovery.

Angelo, who serves as chairman of the museum on a pro bono basis, was recently alarmed when the museum faced a sharp increase (nearly 1,000 percent) in its windstorm insurance coverage. “We had a huge crisis,” he said.

Using his real estate contacts, Angelo recruited a new insurance broker and was able to secure a better deal on windstorm coverage for the organization.

Angelo has also recruited peers and friends from the legal sector to lend their financial support and expertise to the museum’s capital campaign to fund an upcoming expansion plan. “I really like getting my friends and business associates involved. Everybody wins, especially the children.” he said.


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